Feet are a very important part of the human body. After all, we use them everyday and can walk over 3 million steps every year! It is therefore important to look after them.

Corns and callus

Corns and callus are a build-up of hard skin which can occur anywhere on the sole of the feet or toes. The podiatrist will gently and painlessly remove this build-up, and are able to give advice on basic foot care and self-management.

Fungal, thickened or discoloured nails

Fungal, thickened or discoloured nails Often thickened and discoloured nails are a sign of fungal nail infection but this is not always the case. The podiatrist can tell you if you have a fungal nail infection and can discuss possible treatment options. Thickened nails can be painlessly filed down to give a thinner, smoother appearance which can make the nail easier to maintain.

Ingrowing toe nails

An Ingrowing toenail is caused when the nail grows into the skin usually due to the shape of the nail, injury, ill-fitting footwear or poor nail cutting. It causes pain on walking and when the toe is pressed. If treatment is not sought in a timely manner, ingrowing toenails can become infected.

The Diabetic foot

Diabetes can affect the blood and nerve supply to the feet. Ronke, our Podiatrist has a special interest in diabetes. I have over 30 years’ experience working with the ‘high risk’ diabetic foot in the acute and community settings in the National Health Service. Newly diagnosed individuals with Diabetes and individuals who have had the condition for a period of time are recommended by NICE guidelines to have an annual foot check by a podiatrist or a trained Health Care professional.


Bunions are structural and functional bony abnormalities usually affecting the large big toe, however it can also affect the smallest toe joint. The joint can become enlarged, red and swollen which can cause pain making it awkward to find suitable good fitting shoes. Your podiatrist can discuss treatment options available, and give advice on how to make your feet more comfortable.


Verrucae are a type of wart which usually appear on the sole of the foot. Research suggests that most will usually disappear within 1-2 years; however they can be painful, unsightly and contagious.

Nail cutting

If you have problems reaching your feet to care for your nails, or you find your nails difficult to cut, the podiatrist can cut them for you and give you advice on looking after them between visits. Toenails that are left to grow too long or cut in-correctly may lead to problems in the future.